Patient Orientation Sessions

~ Patients of Madison Women's Health & Fertility, PC please click here for orientations

Any patient undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Egg Freeze protocols at the NYU Fertility Center, must attend an onsite orientation session conducted by our nursing staff before beginning a cycle. Partners are encouraged to attend this session as well.

Even if you are a veteran from another program, the orientation session provides patients with a great deal of information on unique NYUFC policies, operational and logistic information, consent reviews, research information, staff contact information and most importantly, provides a thorough review of the physiology of the process and the mode of action and administration of the drugs prescribed for all involved in the process. The orientation introduces you to our medical and nursing staffs, our embryology lab, the andrology staff and provides an overview of what activities are performed in each area.

Financial information is also presented by our billing staff who review each patient’s financial responsibilities relative to the specific benefit for medications and the cycle process.

To provide additional review of the information, the orientation presentation is now available for you to review online. Please note, this availability does not eliminate the need to attend an onsite session.

Please select the appropriate presentation to review:

PDF Icon IVF cycle for In Vitro Fertilization (egg retrieval with embryo transfer)
Egg Freeze Cycle for Elective or Medical Egg Cryopreservation (egg retrieval only with delayed embryo transfer)
Egg Thaw Cycle (egg thaw with embryo transfer)