Groups and Forums

For those who prefer meeting and talking with others who want to share their thoughts and experiences, our group sessions include:

Stress Management Forum

This forum is open to men, women and couples involved in any aspect of infertility treatment. The group focuses on managing stress, utilizing relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, humor and other constructive tools.

Mind-Body Stress Management Forum

For women, this group focuses on managing stress with relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, humor and other constructive tools. Participation requires one individual meeting prior to eight, two-hour sessions.

Ovum (Egg) Donation Forum

The Ovum Donation Forum is an informal question and answer session for couples and individuals who are considering or proceeding with the donor option. It is an opportunity to discuss your concerns with a small group in a confidential and supportive setting. A volunteer parent who has a child through the NYU Ovum Donor Program will be at the session to help answer your questions. Dr. Shelley Lee or Mindy R. Schiffman will lead the forum.

Special Interest Groups

Special groups for men and women are scheduled throughout the year. These sessions focus on particular areas of interest, allowing participants to discuss concerns, ask questions, seek and/or provide support on subjects such as male factor infertility, single parenting, pre-mature ovarian failure, sperm donation and stress management throughout the treatment process, including the early stages of pregnancy.

Parents' Group

We offer this group, which meets three times a year, to parents who have children through our program. Patients find it helpful to keep in touch with other IVF parents as their child grows.

Patient Library

Our patient resource library is located to the left of the reception desk on the 5th floor of our office suite. It contains extensive, free information on infertility and reproductive health, as well as on outside resources for education, support and advocacy.