Mind/Body Services

On Fertile Ground

The stress of infertility can be relieved!

NYU Langone Fertility Center offers Mind/Body Support Groups as part of our Wellness Program. These classes provide an opportunity to meet others in the same struggle and learn ways to alleviate the stress of infertility.

New York Times Article: Lowering Stress Improves Fertility Treatment

Classes and Registration

View this month's schedule of classes on our Wellness Calendar page.

Registration includes class handouts, a package of articles on infertility, an opportunity to purchase Helen's CD, "Breathing in the Now" and her book, "On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility". Classes rotate and can be taken in any order. Each class is two hours starting at 6:30 PM and costs $75.00, which is often reimbursable by insurance.

Classes are run by Helen Adrienne, who has worked with infertility patients for 30 years, and held at her office:

Class 1: Entering the Mind/Body Connection for Stress Reduction

  • The physiology of stress explained
    • How it manifests
  • Techniques to reverse stress physiology
    • The Relaxation Response exercise
    • Breathing, Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis exercises
  • Self-Rating scales to build awareness

Class 2: Using the Mind to Trick the Brain for Enhanced Coping

  • Brain Function: Understanding the triune brain
    • Exercise which teaches that feelings are not facts
  • Review of the huge array of coping mechanisms
  • Self-Esteem self-rating scale
  • The value of humor

Class 3: Transforming Negative Thinking

  • Summarize and teach Cognitive Restructuring
    • Learn to convert Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) into affirmations

Class 4: Gaining Clarity by Building Awareness

  • Understanding Emotions
    • Journal writing exercise
  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • Look at Assertiveness, Spirituality and Meaning Making
  • Distinguish between lapse and relapse

Breating in the Now CD ArtYour CD “Breathing in the Now” and the personalized audio tapes that you made for me are extremely helpful, especially for someone like me whose life is in chaos. I’m often preoccupied with many negative and self-doubting thoughts. The tapes allowed me to rest my mind and focus on goodness, happiness and hope.” ~ Patient of Helen Adrienne