All Embryos, Frozen Eggs and Sperm are Safe Despite Power Outage During Hurricane Sandy

November 01, 2012

Dr. James Grifo shares with ABC News and Huffington Post how the NYU Fertility Center staff worked to ensure no embryos, eggs or sperm were lost during Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

NYU Fertility Center: Embryos, Frozen Eggs and Sperm Safe After Hurricane Sandy Power Outage 

Sandy's Most Delicate Rescue Was Fertility Clinic's Embryos

A message to our patients:

We understand that many of our patients have concerns about the integrity of their frozen eggs, embryos or sperm at the NYULMC Fertility Center. The frozen eggs, embryos and sperm at NYU Fertility Center are safe and sound. These products are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks and at all times before, during and after the storm, remain frozen at the appropriate temperature of -196 degrees centigrade. Liquid nitrogen tanks are not dependent on electrical power, so were not affected by our facility's transfer to generator power. These tanks were not affected by the storm surge as they are on the 6th floor of the fertility center at 660 First Avenue. These tanks were not stored at the Medical Center's main campus. These tanks were maintained during the storm by our dedicated embryologists and andrologists who remained on site at the fertility center as per our emergency plan. The Fertility Center is fully operational at this time and all tanks are maintained on our normal schedule. We are receiving liquid nitrogen deliveries on time, so there is no break in maintenance. The specimens were never compromised at any time.

We do continue to experience phone service interruptions, once phone service is fully restored, please call us and we will be happy to respond to your questions and concerns personally. Thank you.